Employee Reference Check

Whether you are a sole proprietorship adding your first employee, or a small business expanding rapidly across functional areas or territories , or perhaps a medium business , or a large Company spreading rapidly across the country , somewhere down the line we need to reassure ourselves that whatever hiring we are doing is worth it and we also want to be sure that whatever the employee has disclosed about his current job profile in his resume or his past job profile or about his current employer or past employer is actually true or not . We sometimes base our decisions on what is mentioned in the resumes or the communication that takes place during the interview . Sometimes we are unable to check the skill sets which the employee claims to be having and later we discover that the individual we hired was actually misguiding us or . In certain cases the nature of work demands a high level of integrity and honesty where we cannot afford to take chances, under such circumstances it is advisable to go for a thorough reference check of the employee .

Jobs Flash provides a free basic reference check if you demand from us , we can also engage an independent Agency on your behalf and get the following verifications done on your behalf , this service is exclusive and we charge extra based on the level of referral check you want to do

We also help you with the following :

  • Address verification
  • CIBIL Score and Report
  • Criminal Database Checks
  • Criminal verification (Police & Lawyers)
  • Education verification, Skill verification
  • Employment verification
  • Reference verification
  • Social Media Scan
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