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Established in the year 2003, Jobs Flash Consulting Services is one of the most prominent and one of The Oldest HR Consulting firms in Gurgaon NCR . We have seen Gurgaon grow from brick to brick , we are a witness to its exponential growth story in the last 3 decades . We are perhaps the best equipped consulting firms, which provides you the best services under one roof with the most experienced recruiters and Human resource consultants .

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Why only Jobs Flash?

Established in the year 2003, Jobs Flash Consulting Services is one of the most prominent and one of The Oldest HR Consulting firms in Gurgaon NCR . We have seen Gurgaon grow from brick to brick , we are a witness to its exponential growth story in the last 3 decades . We are perhaps the best equipped consulting firms, which provides you the best services under one roof with the most experienced recruiters and Human resource consultants .

How we work?

We do a complete profiling of the needs of our clients, if need be, we visit our client and understand their requirement , their work culture , their specific needs and then deliberate upon the hiring process .We work as a team with our clients and give support at every step. “The proof of pudding lies in the eating” . Engage us to experience the difference!

Contact Information

Call Now Or Whatsapp Directly To Recruit : 9313806538

Note: On receipt of your requirement , We shall assign a Customer Relations Executive , who shall be designated to maintain relationship with the client.

Hiring procedure :

We first shortlist the profiles , speak individually to the prospective candidate , explain the profile , and send the resumes to the client for short listing only after taking confirmation from the candidate . We drop candidates who are not serious or don’t suit the purpose . After having sent the resumes to the client , we get the short listings and thereafter we arrange face to face round of interview with the client , we coordinate each step and send proper interview schedules to the client and once the candidate gets shortlisted , we help in salary negotiations , offer letter and also follow up with the candidate till he joins the Company . After the candidate joins the Company we give a replacement commitment to the client just in case they do not find the candidate to be right for them or maybe the candidate is not satisfied with the company ,in such cases we provide replacement free of cost to the client .

Turnaround Time:

We typically need a turnaround time of 4-5 working days for screening the profiles of the prospective candidates and sending the profiles to the client for short listing .

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve success , through creative solutions and quality processes designed for long term business partnerships.

Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as a partner of choice for our clients when it comes to hiring the best talents for them.

Industries We Cater To:

Our success as a Human Resource Consulting Firm is mirrored in the fact that Jobs Flash is the partner of choice for several leading MNC and Companies in the following sectors :

  • IT – Software , Hardware
  • Education / Training
  • Engineering / Manufacturing
  • Paints / Steel / Iron / Metal / Cement
  • ITES / BPO/ KPO/ LPO / Research
  • Startup Recruitment
  • Banking/ Insurance /NBFC / Financial services
  • Automobile / Ancillaries
  • Retail/ FMCG / Consumer durables
  • E-Commerce
  • Telecom/ Satellite / Technology
  • Biotechnology & Life Sciences/ Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
  • Infrastructure / Real-estate / Construction / Interior industry / Turnkey projects
  • Oil / Gas/ Petroleum
  • Agriculture
  • Security / Risk Management/ CCTV

Our Selection Procedure

Data Base

We have a very rich database of candidates looking for jobs. We usually place candidates, only after we have met them, and are sure that they would fit in to the customer's organization. We use Internal data as well as external database . Apart from using various portals , we have a very vast network from which we derive the best talents to suit your requirement . We are accessible on linked in, Facebook, Twitter and various other professional forums . We actively participate in various HR Summits and give important feedback to the industry . We have been associated with various Corporate bodies as well .

Head Hunting

We spot and pursue talent. This is based on absolute trust, confidentiality and credibility. Specific head hunting is strictly done only outside the network of our clients.

Campus Recruitments

We also undertake the campus recruitments from Leading Institutes as Management trainees for MBA, Software & Engineering.

Client Servicing

We assign a trained Executive who can to liaise with the client, and maintain a cordial relationship with them . The executive takes a constant feedback from the client about our performance , and if at all , we find that we are not able to cater to the client's requirements , immediate corrective steps are taken .

Our Competence

Corporate Image is a team effort. Each one of our key members is qualified and experienced. We ensure that we have a good pool of employees, who can add value to our organization.

Our Commitment

It is our firm commitment to give best services at all times to our valued clients . We stand by it.

Our Recruitment Philosophy

In today's competitive environment, time and cost have become important aspects of recruitment for every Consultant. We try our best to reduce both these factors, when it comes to selection and recruitment of the right people.

We understand that, as a client you would look forward to the following aspects:

  • An excellent databank.
  • Filtered resumes according to your requirements.
  • We offer an entire gamut of recruitment based activities which include gathering information about the client in terms of their standing in the market, the domains, the company's line of business, market standing, the verticals they work on, and their work culture.
  • Understanding the requirements and defining the channels of sourcing for the same like headhunting, referrals, networking, databases, and advertisements.
  • Short listing according to the job specifications.
  • Conducting psychometric and technical tests for clients on request.
  • Scheduling interviews.
  • Conducting reference checks.
  • Follow up with candidates & clients at all levels.
  • Feedback of recruited candidates on a regular basis.


Clients' identification is not revealed till a matching of candidates' specifications have been established. In the same manner, candidates' identities are held secret until they have been short-listed. No competitive information is revealed between clients and between candidates. Confidential information received from clients is used only for purposes of conducting the assignment and disclosed only to those individuals within the firm, or potential candidates who need to know the information. Even before forwarding the resumes, we make it a point to personally speak to the candidate, and take his consent before floating his/ her resume to the prospective employer.


We respect the clients' expectations and reasons for initiating a search and understand the candidates' motives for moving. We believe in securing fair deals for both clients and candidates in terms of monetary rewards, which are fair and consistent with skills, expected contribution and professional caliber. Integrity of our processes and people safeguards the interest of our clients and candidates.


Each step of our search is carried out with the highest level of professionalism. Accuracy in finding the right candidates saves time for clients (in terms of job counseling and retraining) and a good career fit for candidates, meaning good performance and success. In trying to achieve high accuracy, we believe in taking time to understand the nature of the job, candidates' real versus perceived skills sets, the hiring organizations' culture and belief systems, and candidates' career motivations. We avoid presenting simultaneously the same candidate to more than one client.


We accept only those assignments that will not adversely affect our objectivity and integrity. Any limitations arising through relationships with other clients that may affect our ability to perform the search assignment or any business or personal relationships with candidates that might affect or appear to affect our objectivity in conducting the assignment are disclosed to the client. We present information about the client, the position, and the candidate honestly and factually, and include reservations that are pertinent and important to the assignment.


Though our primary relationship is with the client, we establish professional relationship with candidates as well . These relationships are characterized by honesty, objectivity, accuracy and respect for confidentiality. In building such relationships, we provide candidates with relevant and accurate information about the client organization and the position, including the requirements, risks and rewards involved. We maintain the confidentiality of information provided by prospective and actual candidates and ensure candidates provide accurate & relevant information about themselves. We secure the individual's consent before sharing his or her background information with a client and advise him/her on the status of their candidacies (including limitations to advance them) as the search assignment progresses.

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