Project Online

Project Online is a cloud-based solution for your Project Management, Portfolio Management and Resource Management needs, no matter how ambitious your project is. It allows you to always access the latest version of Project across multiple devices with installation rights on up to 5 PCs. Project Online comes with a set of tools that helps you to get started quickly and execute your project successfully. It seamlessly integrates with Power BI for analytics to keep everyone up-to-date on your portfolio and projects progress. Project Onlineā€™s resource management tools enable you to proactively manage and forecast resource utilization to ensure timely delivery throughout your projects.

Project Online can be used by administrators, portfolio managers and viewers, project and resource managers, team leads and members.

The following editions are available:

Project Online Professional: Project management in the cloud through desktop client and web-browser (focus on Project Management)

Project Online Premium: Complete project and portfolio management solution (additionally includes comprehensive tools for Portfolio Management and Resource Management)

Project Online Essentials: Add-on module for project team members (only available as Add-On to Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium)

Project Online is a monthly subscription on a per user basis (User Subscription License, USL).

Module 01: Introduction and Project Server Overview

  • Welcome to- Project Server
  • Project Management available on Office 36S
  • New for Demand Management and Governance
  • New for Project Server in SharePoint
  • Introducing the Microsoft PPM platform
  • Understanding Project Server Terminology
  • Enterprise Resource Pool Overview
  • Enterprise Global Overview
  • Understanding the PPM Platform Technology Stack
  • Understanding the project Communications Lifecycle

Module 02: Task list and Project Sites

  • SharePoint Concepts
  • Managed Metadata and Enterprise Content Types
  • Understanding Special Project Site Behaviours
  • Managing the SharePoint/project Server Connection
  • Managing List and library Views
  • Modifying List and library General Settings
  • Creating and Editing Pages

Module 03: Introducing Project Web App

  • Introducing Project Web App
  • A Major Decision Point
  • What's New in Project Web App interface?
  • Introducing SharePoint Permissions Mode
  • Using the Administration interface for a PWA instance

Module 04: Configuring Enterprise Objects and Options

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Project Server Metadata Architecture
  • Working with Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup up Tables
  • Creating Lookup Tables
  • Modifying tile RBS Lookup Table
  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Creating Free Entry Custom Fields
  • Creating a Custom Field with Lookup Table
  • Modifying Built-In Project and Resource Department Fields
  • Creating a Custom Field Controlled by Workflow
  • Creating a Custom Field with a Formula
  • Displaying Graphical indictors in Custom Fields
  • Deleting a Custom Field or Lookup Table
  • Planning for Matching Generic Resources
  • Creating Enterprise Calendars
  • Understanding Tracking
  • Configuring Time and Task Tracking
  • Configuring Project Sever for Time Reporting

Module 05: Working with Project and Portfolio Governance

  • Portfolio Management and Project Governance Overview
  • Understanding Project Governance: A Real-Word Example
  • Understanding Portfolio Management: A Real-World Example
  • Configuring Portfolio Management
  • Configuring Project Governance
  • Configuring Demand Management
  • Preparing Proposed Projects for Portfolio Analysis
  • Understanding PTE Demand and Capacity Calculations
  • Working with Portfolio Analyses

Module 06: Creating Enterprise Projects

  • Creating an Enterprise Project Using Project Pro
  • Importing a Local Project into Project Server
  • Creating a New Project from an Enterprise Template
  • Defining an Enterprise Project
  • Understanding the Local Cache
  • Opening and Closing Projects
  • Working with Offline Projects

Module 07: Resource and Assignment Planning

  • Understanding Enterprise Resources
  • Building a Project Team
  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Understanding Other Factors in Assignment Planning
  • Assigning Cost Resources
  • Using the Team Planner View
  • Understanding Resource Overallocations
  • Leveling Overallocated Resources

Module 08: Project Execution

  • Analyzing the Critical Path
  • Working with Project Baselines
  • Understanding Publishing
  • Managing Project Deliverables

Module 09: Tracking Time and Task Progress

  • Tracking Time in Project Web App
  • Accessing your Timesheet
  • Tracking Task Progress in Project Web App
  • Understanding the Tasks Page
  • Managing Tasks

Module 10: Approving Time and Task Progress

  • Approvals
  • Home Page
  • Approval Center
  • Approving timesheets
  • Viewing and Adjusting Submitted Timesheets
  • Managing Administrative Time Requests
  • Viewing Task Updates
  • Task Update processing
  • Using Status Updates History Page and Approval Rules

Module 11: Variance Analysis, Plan Revision, and Reporting

  • Understanding Variance
  • Analyzing Project Variance
  • Revising a Project Plan
  • Using a Change Control Process
  • Rebalancing Your Project
  • Using the Gantt with Timeline View
  • Using Visual Report

Module 12: Managing Personal Settings

  • Personal Settings Overview
  • Managing Alerts and Reminders for Yourself
  • Managing Alerts and Reminders for Your Resources
  • Managing My Queued Jobs
  • Manage Delegates
  • Act as Delegates

Module 13: Managing Risks and Issues

  • Tracking Project Risks
  • Managing Project Issues
  • Viewing Your Assigned Issues and Risks

Module 14: Working with Status Reports

  • Requesting a Status Report
  • Responding to a Status Report Request
  • Viewing Status Report Response

Module 15: Working in the Resource Center

  • Using the Resource Center
  • Viewing Resource Availability
  • Viewing Resource Assignments
  • Editing Resource Details

Module 16: Working in the Project Center

  • Using the Project Center
  • Editing Projects in Project Web App

Module 17: Creating and Managing Views

  • Understanding View
  • Creating Gantt chart Formats
  • Creating Grouping Formats
  • Managing Project Web App View
  • Creating Custom view in Project Web App
  • Understanding Enterprise Views in Project Pro
  • Using the 4-Step Method to Crete a New View
  • Creating Useful Enterprise Views

Module 18: Working with Business Intelligence and Reporting

  • Understanding project Server Business intelligence
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence Overview
  • Understanding Available Data
  • Relational Data Overview
  • Office Data Connections (ODC) Overview
  • Preparing to View or Create Reports
  • Accessing Sample Reports in the BI Center
  • Built-In Reports Overview
  • About Report Templates
  • Interacting with Reports